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Permanent Hair Removal....with a gentle touch!

Customer Testimonials

"As a transgender  woman and professional, I reached a point in my life that shaving had to end.
I needed someone to eliminate my facial beard quickly and efficiently. I didn't want it to take several months or years to be hair free.
I set about interviewing several electrologists in Las Vegas. In my first five-hour session with Stephanie, I saw how she genuinely loves what she is doing!
I experienced her amazing skill and comprehensive care first hand. I knew after my session with her that she was the best choice for me
No matter what gender you are, athlete, or stage performer you should interview Stephanie for yourself if you want permanent hair removal.
I needed someone that could give me lots of time and was excellent at electrolysis. Stephanie came through with flying colors! "

- Ashley Anna Parks, Las Vegas, NV