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Permanent Hair Removal....with a gentle touch!

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CASH PRICES                                 CREDIT CARD PRICES

30 Minutes     $40                          30 Minutes        $50

45 Minutes     $50                          45 Minutes        $65

60 Minutes     $65                          60 Minutes        $80


5    Hours = 5%   Savings

10  Hours = 10% Savings

15  Hours = 15% Savings

20  Hours = 20% Savings

25  Hours = 25% Savings

Electrolysis improves your physical appearance and self-image. I know first-and how permanent hair removal can have a huge impact on your personal appearance and the psychological impact it can provide to one's self.

Electrolysis is the only form of permanent hair removal that can treat all colors and kinds of hair on all skin types.

If you have hair anywhere on your body that you want permanently removed, electrolysis may be your best solution.

Whether you need 30 minutes, an hour or more of treatment per visit, call me for a free consultation.