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Just Smooth You

Permanent Hair Removal....with a gentle touch!


Welcome to my Just Smooth You web site.

I am excited that you are interested in permanent hair removal and are considering electrolysis, which is my passion.

Having been a client and an electrologist, I believe I have a unique perspective on the importance that permanent hair removal can have on one's self. That understanding has allowed me to give you the level of service that I expect when receiving electrolysis and your goal of being hair free.

I provide service to all regardless of gender or gender identity. Regardless of your reasons for hair removal, I will provide a customized treatment program for your needs and availability. 

LGTBQIA community members are welcomed. I am available and specialize in MTF full beard removal and pre GRS surgical preparation for transwomen. I am happy to work after hours, weekends and for full day sessions as well.

As a licensed electrologist, it's my mission to help you get rid of your unwanted hair and provide any support I can. I am here for you!